Whole Cloth Quilt Quickie

Dear Sewfie,
My daughter-in-law is having a baby any day now. Even though I had the best intentions of being the Most Awesome Grammy Ever and making a beautiful heirloom quilt for her, I’ve managed to procrastinate to the point of embarrassment. How can I make a baby quilt really quick and save face?
– Granny in a Pickle

Dear Pickles,
I have two words for you “whole cloth”. OK, maybe three: “Whole Cloth Quilt”. You can totally get away with last minute quilt-making by using a large print or (better yet) a kid’s themed panel. My sister-in-law made a toddler quilt from only one yard of Alexander Henry’s Juicy Jungle – Stripe, which I had gifted to her from my stash.

This Alexander Henry Juicy Jungle fabric looks like 3 or 4 complimentary fabrics sewn together, but it’s just a panel… EASY!

She sandwiched it with a layer of batting and a cute, colorful zebra (or maybe it’s a horse?) print background fabric. A few quick ties with embroidery floss (approximately 6 inches apart in either direction) and a bright pink polka dot binding later – she was in business! The entire process took her just a few hours. You could complete this project in a single evening while catching up on your Downton Abbey episodes!

Hard to believe it’s all one piece!
Warm Stitches,