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How To Make a Perfect Yo-Yo… With NO Special Tools or Widgets!

Fabric yo-yos are fun AND easy to make. Despite what the Clover company would have you believe, you don’t need any special plastic discs or tools to make them. All you need is a piece of paper, various round objects and my handy chart!
Step 1. Chose the right size circle for your desired yo-yo size. You can rock it old school and actually draw a circle template on a piece of paper with a compass. Seriously, I lost mine and had been trying to buy a new one… guy working in a hardware store did NOT know what a “compass” was… *sigh* I eventually found one at Michael’s.

Hey, Millennials… use this mysterious object to draw a circle. No, you can’t use your phone.

If you don’t have a compass, you can just look around the house for circle objects to trace, such as various lids, CD’s, etc. It turns out that tracing a CD will result in a lovely 2 1/8″ yo-yo. Now you know.

Pro-TIP! You will need a circle 2x the desired finished size plus 1/2″. See this handy chart to find your perfect size:

Finished Yo-Yo Size Fabric Circle Size
1″ 2.5″
2″ 4.5″
2.5″ 5.5″
3″ 6.5″
4″ 8.5″

Step 2. Cut out as many circles from fabric as needed – one for each yo-yo. Press.

Press your fabric circles before beginning

Step 3. Using a doubled strand of thread, fold down edge of fabric 1/4” and baste close to folded edge, about 1/8”. Baste all the way around circle.

Turn down 1/4″ and baste

Step 4. For best results, use a long basting stitch, between 1/4” and 3/8”. Note that a standard No. 2 pencil is a little less than 3/8” wide, so you can use that for a handy guide!

Width of a pencil is “just right” for the stitch length

Step 5. Pull on thread to gather circle tightly, distributing folds evenly. Tie off thread securely with double knot.

Scrunch it up!

Step 6. Tah-DAH! You didn’t need to buy any special tools or crappy plastic widgets AND you can now make ANY size you want! Doesn’t that feel great?

Now make about a zillion of them!

Use this technique in making this cute Mrs. Claus Holiday Pillow!
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