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Don’t be a Handmade Grinch

Dear Sewfie,

Last Christmas I made beautiful handmade bags as gifts for all of my sister-in-laws. I started back in July, I spent quite a bit of money not to mention time and I made a concerted effort to choose fabric and patterns which I thought would suit each woman’s individual style. You can imagine how surprised and disappointed I was when I received a check from one of them with a note saying “here is some cash so you can buy real gifts next time”. I’m still steaming over it. How should I respond? I am loathe to send her anymore handmade gifts, but what about the others who didn’t say anything. Do they think I’m being “cheap” too? I don’t know what I should do about gifts this year.
– Still Steamed

Dear Steamed,
The first thing you should do is fill in the memo field of the check (in really big letters) with the words “for fabric”, cash it and then go fabric shopping with your dear SIL’s money. Next, I would permanently scratch her off the handmade gifts list. Save your creative efforts for those who appreciate why handmade is better. Finally, for all future holidays, I would stuff her stocking with a re-gifted fruitcake.

Don’t be a handmade Grinch
Warm Stitches,