Sew ‘n’ Vacs: What’s the Connection?

Dear Sewfie,

How did Sew n Vacs get to be so popular? What do sewing machine and vacuum cleaner repair have in common? They are two completely different machines.


Dear Heather,

That is a good question. And a bit of a stumper, so Sewfie consulted some industry experts to get the real back story.

Judy Patterson, President of the Vacuum Dealer Trade Association (VDTA), replied, “Many of the businesses today carry both vacuum cleaners and sewing machines. Both require demonstration, product knowledge and repair.”

Furthermore, industry expert John Douthat, President and CEO of, explained, “Sears started the Sew Vac combination in their store space and merchandising over 50 years ago. Dealers picked up on it to compete with Sears and each other. Although sewing machines and vacuum cleaners perform different functions, from a repair perspective, they have many kinds service in common, for example: replacing cords, plugs, switches and belts, installing new carbon brushes, cleaning motor armatures, and even motor and light bulb replacement.”

Thanks John and Judy, that totally makes sense!

Sewfie would also like to thank Beth Vitiritto, also from the VDTA, for her help in answering this age old question!

Warm Stitches,

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