Do Pockets Belong on Pajamas?

Dear Sewfie,

I’m sewing pajamas pants for everyone in my family for holiday gifts this year. The pattern I am using (New Look 6321) has pockets. I am wondering what is up with that? Why do you need pockets in your pajamas? Wouldn’t anything you put in there just fall out or be uncomfortable while you were sleeping? I don’t get it. Please explain.

– Kat’s Pajamas

Dear Kat’s Pajamas,

First off, majors props to you for starting your holiday sewing so early! Sewfie is very impressed. Second, Sewfie wondered a bit about the pockets thing as well. So, she consulted an expert in Pajama Pants fashion, a 14 year old girl, where upon she immediately learned that – DUH – the pockets are a MUST HAVE for your omnipresent lip balm and cell phone! Silly Sewfie. But seriously, the pockets are useful for when your PJs are being used not so much for sleeping but rather for lounging.

Our sage pajama expert was kind enough to supply this photo of her sporting her new pajama shorts, made from quite possibly the Cutest Fabric on Earth, Sushi by Timeless Treasures. It doesn’t get any cuter than cartoon talking sushi. Yes, we think you are “really, really rice”, too!

Pockets are a MUST for pajama pants

“Sushi” by Timeless Treasures

Warm Stitches,