Too Early to Start Sewing for Baby?

Dear Sewfie,

I just found out from my mom that my sister is expecting her first baby. I’m so excited I could just squeak. Mom wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but obviously she is really bad at keeping secrets. My sister doesn’t want to announce her pregnancy until her first trimester is over but I can’t wait until then! I’m itching to get started sewing for my little niece or nephew. Would it be bad luck to start a quilt for the baby before any formal announcements are made?

– Eager Auntie-to-Be

Dear Auntie,

Sewing a quilt for someone is an act of love: you think of them as you chose the fabrics, arrange the blocks and stitch all the pieces together. Emitting such positive energy into your sister’s world could never be bad luck! However, for the sake of covering for Grandma Leaky-Bucket, you should probably avoid asking your sister if she prefers pink or blue!

P.S. For an easy, fun baby shower project, try my Baby Puzzle Ball pattern…

Baby Puzzle Ball makes a great shower gift!

… or the Grab ‘n’ Go Diaper Clutch, for stylin’ new mommies!
Everything you need for baby in a cute little clutch

Warm Stitches,

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Stitch Clear of “The Boyfriend Curse”

Dear Sewfie,
I’m an avid quilter and I’d love to make something for my boyfriend but my friend warned me about the “Boyfriend Curse”…. if you sew something for a guy he’ll break up with you. Is that true?
-Just Wondering

Dear Wondering,
Ah, yes, “The Boyfriend Curse”. Actually, this storied curse applies to knitting. The curse purports that if you knit a sweater for a guy, he’ll break up with you, oftentimes before the sweater is even complete. As it turns out, there is even a book about it called “Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You’ve Got the Ring)” by Judith Durant.

It suggests a variety of knitting projects for men where the level of complexity is proportional to the level of commitment, i.e. a set of coasters of the guy you just started seeing, a scarf once you’ve been dating a bit… you get the idea. The sweater doesn’t come until you’ve got some bling in your top drawer.

But, back to your question, can you sew for a guy without him breaking up with you? This has not been studied as extensively as the Sweater Curse, which has some real science behind it… a poll conducted by the online magazine Knitter’s Review indicated that 15% of active knitters say they have experienced the Sweater Curse firsthand and a whopping 41% consider it a serious enough threat that they’re not going to mess with it.

Sewfie’s suggestion is to not take any chances. If you really must sew for your man, start out with something simple, like a shoe bag. And see how it goes. Work your way up to a pillow and maybe eventually some fun boxer shorts or pajama pants if you are feeling really playful. Don’t even go near something like a quilt until you’ve been married for at least 10 years. He was just going to hog it all anyways.

Warm Stitches,

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When You Don’t Finish Making Your Holiday Gifts

Dear Sewfie,

I wanted to have the perfect Handmade Christmas this year, but the problem is, I didn’t finish all of the gifts I had planned. Now that the holidays are over, should I finish sewing the gifts anyway and give them to people late or just give up and try to make good next year? I feel bad about not giving some people their gifts. What should I do?


Dear Unfinished,

Let’s face it: you nobly (and perhaps all too ambitiously) tried to have the Best Most Crafty Handmade Christmas EVER – but you fell upon your proverbial rotary cutters. The best thing you can do at this point is give a Dunkin Donuts gift certificate to the people on your list whose gifts are still all over your sewing room floor and finish those gifts next fall… after the kidlets go back to school and before you get distracted with making Halloween costumes. You will already be ahead of the game because all the pieces are already cut out, right?

You could try to plow ahead anyway and finish your gifts now under the auspices of “better late than never”, but you’ve already lost the moment (Christmas is officially over… the curbs are already littered with discarded trees!) and the time you spend will just get you further and further behind in all your other projects that you were going to finish “as soon as Christmas is over”, remember? Projects such as: curtains for the Baby’s room… he is more than a year old now, you know!

Amy Butler’s Frenchy Bag was Sewfie’s “Go To” gift this holiday season

The final gift Sewfie finished this holiday season – the Sweet Slice pincushion by designer Cindy Taylor Oates made up in Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacob fabrics… for a very special Christmas Birthday Girl!

Warm Stitches,

Ask Sewfie is part of Sew Fun... instant download sewing & quilting patterns, crafty advice and fun! Got a question? Ask Sewfie!