Fabric: Better than Coffee

Dear Sewfie,

My husband is complaining that I spent “too much” on quilting fabric, but I say my stash is not that big. What do you think? How much is considered “a lot”?

-Small Stash

Dear Small Stash,

According to the 2010 Quilting in America survey conducted by Quilts, Inc., the average quilter spends $219 per year on fabric. At about $9.90 per yard, that is just north of 22 yards per year. Sewfie thinks that’s totally reasonable and not “a lot”. That’s not even two fat quarters per week!

Fabric: GOOD

When you consider the average cost of a cup of coffee in the U.S. is $1.38, if DH got one cup of coffee every work day, he’d be outspending your fabric habit by more than 50%. Sewfie says, if you are guzzling down less than 22 yards per year, then you are the very picture of self control upon entering a fabric shop!

Coffee: BAD

Warm Stitches,