Debate over “Handmade by Me” labels

Dear Sewfie,

My sister-in-law sews a lot of gifts for the whole family. She puts one of those “Handmade by So-and-So” labels into EVERYTHING she makes, whether it be a bag, a shirt, a pair of pajama pants… she even sewed one to the bottom of a stuffed animal she recently made for my son!

Too many labels?
She is making me crazy with all the labels. I know its handmade. I know she made it “especially for me”. I just find the whole tag thing pretentious and annoying. How can I get her to stop?

– Tagged Out

Dear Tagged Out,

When one sews a handmade gift for someone, it is an act of love. It takes both dedication of effort and time. The sewn-in label is just a way of saying: “I thought of you and I care”. Its like a tiny little greeting card. So for Pete’s sake lighten up! You should be grateful she wants to spend her precious time trying to create something special for you.

I’m guessing you didn’t mind when Tommy Hilfiger put his little flag on your chest or Victoria emblazoned her moniker on your drawers, so your dear Sister-in-Law should be shown the same courtesy. And you might want to give a quick re-read to one of Sewfie’s previous posts: Don’t Be a Handmade Grinch. The same crabbiness applies.

Handmade by Me Labels – are they too much?
Warm Stitches,