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FREE Pattern – Quilted Baby Beach Ball

Have a ball with Baby! Make this stuffed beach ball from fat quarters or leftover scraps from your stash. Can be completed in less than one hour!

Make this huggable beach ball to cuddle or toss

Download your free pattern here!

Materials needed:

  • 4 coordinating fabrics 11″ x 18″ each
  • 6″ x 3″ scrap of fusible interfacing
  • Three 3/4″-1″ jingle bells (optional)
Quilted Baby Beach Ball – Finished size 8″ diameter

How to Make a Set of Soft Baby Blocks

Hi Sewfie,
I want to make a set of soft baby blocks that has a letter of alphabet on each block. How much material should I order to do this? (I may want extra, once I know the baby’s name, so that there can be duplicate letter blocks made).

Dear Lois,
The “Baby Geniuses Grow Up!” fabric panel that I used in the original How to Make Perfect Fabric Baby Blocks post is apparently out of print and getting harder and harder to find. BUT YOU DON’T ACTUALLY NEED IT!

You can make the 4″ covered fabric blocks from any fabric following these easy steps:

  1. Cut your fabric WOF (Width of Fabric) into 4 1/2″ strips.
  2. Then, cut these strips into 4 1/2″ squares.
  3. Applique your letters on enough of these squares to spell out the Baby’s name, one letter per square.
  4. After that, just follow my tutorial for assembling the blocks.
You can make 3 complete soft blocks with 1/4 yard of fabric

How much fabric do I need?

The average 44/45″ wide quilting cotton will fit 9 squares per 4 1/2″ strip. So, with 2 strips (i.e. a quarter yard of fabric), you can make 3 completed blocks. Here’s a handy chart:

Number of Blocks Yards of Fabric
3 1/4
6 1/2
9 3/4
12 1
24 2
26 2 1/4

To make the entire alphabet (that is one letter per block), you will need 2 1/4 yards. For any extra letters for duplicates, add yardage according to the chart, depending on the length of the Baby’s name. For little Seraphinia or little Montgomery, you are going to do a bit of extra sewing. Although some baby names can be pretty long, it turns out the average name length is only 6 letters.

Warm Stitches,