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Vote for Heather Bailey's design on the Bernina Faceplate- Face-Off!

Vote for Heather Bailey’s design on the Bernina Faceplate- Face-Off!

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What is Low Volume Quilting?

Dear Sewfie,

What is “Low Volume” quilting? Apparently, its a “thing”. I’ve been hearing a lot about it, but I don’t get it.

- Volume What?

Got a question about life, love or sewing? Ask Sewfie! If she uses your question in her column, she will be happy to gift you any sewing pattern of your choice from the Sew Fun Pattern Shop. Sew lets hear what you have to say!

A nice example of a Low Volume quilt

A nice example of a Low Volume quilt

Dear Volume Impaired,

Contrary to what the name would imply, Low Volume quilting is not a bunch of lazy quilters that only make one quilt every five years. It’s actually a term referring to what types of colors and prints are used in the fabric selection.

Some describe Low Volume fabrics as low contrast, using a lot of white, light grey and pastels while avoiding bright or saturated colors.

A stash of low volume prints

A stash of Low Volume prints

This isn’t a totally accurate description because although Low Volume fabrics are pale fabrics, with mostly white, cream or pastel backgrounds, they often have accents of brighter or darker colors thrown in for interest. These fabrics can vary from the lightest tone-on-tone fabrics, to text fabrics printed on a light background, to light floral fabrics.

Tips for working with Low Volume fabrics

  • Variety - When choosing Low Volume fabrics, be sure to gather a variety of different types of prints: soft polka dots, light floral prints, tone-on-tone fabrics, soft text prints, and geometrics are all good choices. Even a bold pattern like a chevron can work as a Low Volume fabric if the colors are light enough.
  • Tone-on-tone and even chevrons can be considered low volume

    Tone-on-tone and even chevrons can be considered Low Volume

  • Scarcity - Try using Low Volume backgrounds in just a few blocks from a quilt or sampler. Using just a touch of these fabrics will make the quilt a bit more modern with a touch of whimsy.
  • Fun Prints – Look for fun Low Volume prints such as line drawings of flowers, trees, branches or bikes, or even cartoonish animal prints and text prints.
  • Practice – Try using Low Volume fabrics in a smaller project such as a pillow, table runner, or wall hanging before moving on to working with these fabrics in a larger quilt project.

Any easy way to get started with low volume quilting could be a pillow made up of 2 1/4" "mini's"

Any easy way to get started with low volume quilting could be a sampler pillow made up of 2 1/4″ “mini’s”

Warm Stitches,

Boho Shoulder Bag Class from Crafty Gemini

Today I’m really excited to announce I’ve teamed up with Vanessa from the Crafty Gemini to bring you an on-line class that teaches you how to make the Boho Shoulder Bag from Sew Fun.

I’m going to hand things over to Vanessa to explain the class and introduce the trailer, because she is the tutorial expert… Vanessa…. take it away!




The class is based on a pattern I absolutely L-O-V-E! My friend, Jen at Sew Fun designed this awesome bag and is offering her pattern at a discount price just for my students!
For just $15, my class includes password protected access to 12 hi-definition video lessons that never expire and you can watch them anywhere in the world if you have internet access.


My class does require that you purchase the bag pattern separately from Jen at Sew Fun.
No worries, it’s really simple and affordable!


Use this discount code for pattern purchase: CRAFTYG


Jen sells her pattern in two formats:

1) A printable PDF pattern that is e-mailed to you. Only $3.95 with discount. Click HERE.


2) A hard copy tissue pattern that is mailed to you.  Only $5.95 with discount. Click HERE. 



 So, all you have to do to sign up for the class is:


1) Click HERE to register.
{If you prefer to use PayPal, click HERE. }



{Don’t forget to use discount code CRAFTYG when you purchase the pattern!}


The discount code applies to both pattern versions! Obviously, the hard copy pattern is a few dollars more than the PDF because of her printing and packaging costs but she does offer you FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.! 

Once you sign up for my class you will be emailed a PDF document with the unique password information and link to access the video lessons.

Now, I’ll leave you with a little video I put together to tell you all about the class!




Boho Shoulder Bag… Inside & Out

Sew Fun customer Jane M. has been very busy with the Boho Should Bag pattern! For this version, she used denim with a white thread to emphasize the top-stitching…

Boho Shoulder Bag in denim - check out that top stitching!

Boho Shoulder Bag in denim – check out that top stitching!

Can’t decide on what fabric to use? Not a problem! The Boho Bag is REVERSIBLE, so you can truly have your cake and eat it too.

Boho Bag is reversible!

Boho Bag is reversible!

And here is a cool version with a bold black & white polka dot on one side and a bright watercolor floral on the other.

If you would like to make your own Boho Shoulder Bag, the pattern is available in both PDF and printed paper versions. I recommend the paper version (shipping is free in the U.S.), because otherwise its 12 pieces of paper you have to tape together. The paper version is ready to cut, already printed on one big sheet of Kraft tissue. So easy!

Vintage buttons & doll clothes zippers

Although that pesky little groundhog stubbornly refuses to acknowledge winter is over, over here at Sew Fun headquarters, we think spring is just around the corner. So, its time for some Spring Cleaning, or de-stashing, as it were.

I have some fun things over at StashX, my de-stashing ETSY store. I have some vintage buttons, 1920′s-30′s celluloid, black with ivorine (a.k.a. “French Ivory”), and I have a mess of doll clothes zippers of the 4″ and 6″ variety.

Please feel free to browse!

Warm Stitches,